Dear Colleagues,

We are pleased to invite you to the 2 nd International Feline Medicine Congress, that will take place in Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, April 04-07, 2021 organized by the Association of Feline Practitioners (KEDVET). Even though we used to have congresses in Antalya, this time, we planned to hold the congress in Kyrenia, Cyprus. We hope this will bring innovation and charm into our congress.

Indoors and outdoors cats in our country are increasing in number with each passing year. Especially in Turkey, there is a rapid increase which could not have foreseen. Accordingly, the emerging developments in Feline Medicine in recent years and the knowledge accumulation force us as veterinarians to understand cats better and it becomes an obligation to be open to new ideas and update ourselves through actual information all the time.

The 1 st International Feline Medicine Congress organized by KEDVET which was held last year gained great appreciation with its practical scientific content and contributions from international scientists who are highly experienced in Feline Medicine by the participants both domestic and foreign, as with its social and cultural activities. The 2 nd International Feline Medicine Congress that we made all our efforts for its higher quality and scientific level with the increasing attendance compared to the last year will be supported by The International Society of Feline Medicine (ISFM) this year same as last time.

The slogan of the 2 nd International Feline Medicine Congress which will be held in Acapulco Resort Convention SPA Hotel, Kyrenia, has been created as "Everything for Cats ...".

Our main purpose of the congress, which will be held in Cyprus with its wonderful nature, blue sea and valuable historical sites, is to bring close together all our colleagues who are interested in feline medicine in order to evaluate and discuss the current and professional developments.

In addition to the knowledge that you will have from the speakers who are expert in their field of Feline Medicine, we clearly express our pleasure due to fact that you will have delayed farewell to summer and a pleasant start to winter. We welcome you all to our congress in Cyprus. With love and respect,

Dr. Tarkan ÖZÇETİN
President of KEDVET